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For the case of an emergency when traveling to Tanzania you should always know the emergency basics in relation to the following policies..

Kiliedu Travel & Tours Emergency Contacts

Kiliedu Travel & Tours Head Office is located in Dar Es Salaam. For the case of any emergency when travelling with Kiliedu Travel & Tours contact the following persons immediately.

1. Paschal Mandago – Director Phone: +255759687589 / +255784866871 WhatsApp: +255759687589

2. Mohammed Hussein – Senior Tour guide. Phone: +255652718086 / +255785663693

3. Immediately contact your tour guide at your area. Normally when making a tour with us you will always be accompanied by the tour guide who is always in touch with our office 24/7 hours. 4.

Medical Emergency/ Sickness

When a guest gets sick tell your guide immediately for first aid help or call the senior tour guide or the director directly so that a patient can be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.

Emergency For Accident

When a guest gets an accident tell your guide immediately or call the senior tour guide or the director directly for more assistance. It’s important that you know the ambulance emergency number in Tanzania or in the region where you are making a tour with us.

1.Ambulances Telephone Numbers
• Emergency: 112
• AAR +255754760790 (Dar es Salaam)
• AAR +255 27 2701121 (Arusha)

2. Fire Emergency: 112

3. Police Emergency: 112
• Dar es Salaam +255 22 2117362
• Arusha +255 27 2503641
• Zanzibar +255 24 2235669

Remember to keep your travel insurance card/details close to you so that it can be easy to use it when needed.

Passport Lost Emergency

If you lose your passport you should immediately tell your tour guide so that he/she can help you to report it to the police or local authorities and get a written report. Then contact your nearest embassy or consulate, so that they can be able to provide you with a temporary passport and further guidance.

Credit Card or Mobile Phone Lost Emergency

If your credit card or mobile phone is lost tell your tour guide immediately for a quick help and communication with our office. Always know where to find the inactivation phone number. Your bank, credit card issuer and mobile phone operator usually has a 24/7 hours emergency number for blocking cards.

Money Lost Emergency

If you loose your money, tell your tour guide immediately for necessary support. Still you can contact your travel insurance company for guidance, ask friends or family to send you money through quick transfer services. It's advised not to carry or store large amount of money in cash but it’s a good idea to keep a little amount of money with you.

Travel Documents Lost Emergency

If you lose your travel documents such as tickets, car rental vouchers, adventure vouchers etc., tell your tour guide immediately so that Kiliedu Travel & Tours can help you to get a copy of it. For other travel documents that are not replaceable, please contact your travel agent who issued the original document.

Assault Emergency

If you have been the victim of assault you should contact your tour guide immediately so that he can communicate with our office for a quick support to report the incident the police or local authorities. Seek medical attention if needed and call your travel insurance company who can advise you further.

Detention and jail Emergency

In case you are locked up in Tanzania Kiliedu Travel & Tours will make a quick effort to communicate with your embassy or consulate in Tanzania or the nearest one for any necessary help. Advised to obey the country laws while staying in any foreign country including Tanzania.

Natural Disasters Emergency

While in Tanzania, If a natural disaster occur like flooding, tropical storms, earthquakes, tsunamis etc follow the guidelines of local authorities and try not to panic but keep focused in the event of evacuation and emergencies etc. All guests in Tanzania are covered by AMREF emergency response. In any case where guests need to be evacuated out of Tanzania. AMREF will cover all emergency responses. NEED


Death Emergency

In the unlikely event of death while staying in Tanzania such as a family member or a travel companion you must urgently report to your tour guide, Senior tour guide and the Director so that they can take the appropriate measures. This includes reporting to the local authorities, your country's embassy or consulate and the guest travel insurance company.

Kiliedu Travel & Tours is keen for the safety of all our guests 24/7 hours in their stay in Tanzania.

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