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In collaboration with experienced tour operators, Gambo Palace Hotel will help you to explore the beautiful places you must visit in the Northern and Western part of Tanzania.

1. Gombe National Park Safari – 6 days/5 Nights: From US$ 2280 Per Person. The national park is recognized with beautiful chimpanzee available.

2. Rubondo Island Safari – 3 days/2 Nights: From US$ 710 Per Person. The Island is recognized to be rich of Tilapia than any other place in East Africa.

3. Cultural Tours at Mwaholela, Kalangalala and Sofia town in Geita region – 3 days/2 Nights: From US$ 510 Per Person. From this tour you will see:

• Sukuma traditional oath dancing to cure diseases, eliminate hunger and to bring rainfall.
• Footsteps of old people on the stone.
• A stone with a cow’s shape.
• Amazing spring which can’t dry. It says, there is a big snake seems to appear at the place (Keita Abantu).
• Old Sukuma wood arts.
• Mrama tree with more than 1 century.

Geita region has a lot of beautiful historic places you must not miss to visit while stay at Gambo Palace Hotel.

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Gambo Palace Hotel Geita, Tanzania

It’s the most luxurious 5 star hotel, thus why most of our guests get many reasons to book our hotel rooms. We are very happy to welcome guests to our best and affordable hotel rooms, that has made us one of the top 10 hotels in the Republic of Tanzania and the leading 5 star hotel in Geita, Tanzania.

Our staffs are more than just experienced professionals but friends when comes to serve our guests. To them, serving our guests is not just a job or career, it’s a passion to make you feel the taste of African culture at Gambo Palace Hotel Geita, Tanzania.

You won't find a more dedicated knowledgeable and helpful staffs at any other hotel in Geita except at Gambo Palace Hotel Geita, Tanzania. Our staffs also has excellent inside knowledge of Geita region and will be pleased to assist in helping you make the most of your memorable stay with us. The attractive places to visit around Gambo Palace Hotel Geita, Tanzania are Lake Victoria, Tanzania cultural sites, Rubondo Island and the gold mines.

Remarkable Experience in Geita

Gambo Palace Hotel Geita, Tanzania offers stylishly designed family houses, from our private designed villa which are furnished and equipped with full services. Our hotel rooms are categorized as standard, Deluxe, Super deluxe and Suite. All rooms are fitted with and provide the following:
• Flat screen TVs with Cable and DSTV Connection.
• Air Condition Facilities.
• Hot water, Telephone facilities, High speed WIFI internet connectivity.
• Combination safes, Mini fridges, Wake- up call service.
The villa houses are the ideal alternative for families to the more traditional hotel room holiday. Gambo Palace Hotel Geita, Tanzania will be very happy to stay with you.

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Most luxurious hotel and Affordable

Gambo Palace Hotel Geita, Tanzania has one of the best restaurants in Geita town, ready to serve a variety of discriminating tastes. Gambo Palace Hotel Geita, Tanzania is renowned for its approachable services, warm atmosphere, friendly service and great indoor and outdoor seating.

At the Gambo Palace Hotel min Bar, whether you are looking for a relaxing or power breakfast, a social luncheon or business gathering, or a truly memorable dinner and dessert, you will leave impressed by our Chef’s commitment to outstanding food, great drinks, and our best wine and craft beer list.

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