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Snorkeling and Diving:

The Zanzibar archipelago is surrounded by coral reefs, hidden in the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Many are very beautiful and so great places for snorkeling and diving.

Some of the most common species you should expect to see while snorkeling/diving in Zanzibar are
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butterflyfish, parrotfish, clownfish, boxfish, lionfish, angelfish, stingrays and many more. Others include turtles, dolphins, lobsters, squids, crabs, nudibranchs, starfish cucumbers, sponges, shrimps, sea urchin, different types of soft/hard corals and the list goes on. The deep water around Zanzibar attracts some of the real giants of the Indian Ocean and sometimes we see the amazing Humpback whale very close to the beaches. Another visitor is the friendly whale shark that sometimes allows snorkelers and divers to come very close.

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Safari Blue:

After breakfast drive all the way south west of the Island to the fishing village of Fumba. Briefing on the day’s excursion.

You will then board the dhows n set off searching the Dolphins (85% chances). The species frequently found at Menai Bay are Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins. Swim with them as long as they stay close to the boat.

You will then go on to one of the selected snorkeling areas, while accompanied by a snorkeling guide to show you points of interest and to assist the beginners. You will then ride onto another island or sandbank for lunch. Lunch is traditional Zanzibar meal and typically includes a selection of BBQ fish, rice, lentils and fish curry. Chilled fresh fruit juice, mineral water and bottled soft drinks are available throughout the day.

You will spend the remainder of the afternoon, relaxing, swimming or snorkeling. Return to Fumba by sail, if winds permit; setting off around 16h00 in your mini-vans and transferred back to your hotel.

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Zanzibar Island Tanzania Location

The word "Zanzibar" is derived from the old form "Zengbar" which initially meant the Eastern Coast of Africa. It is probably a Persian word "Zeng" means black and "Bar" means land or region. The Arab version was Zinjibar.

Zanzibar is a Semi-autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania in East Africa. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. It is made up of a Revolutionary Council and a House of Representatives of Zanzibar. The head of the Government is the President of Zanzibar, who is also the chairman of the Revolutionary Council.

Zanzibar Island Tanzania

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Dolphin Tour (Trip):

Heading down south seventy minutes maximum for a car drive from the Stone town.It includes transfers, boat, swimming gears, meal and marine conservation fees. We also recommend clients from Stone town leaving at six.

As the late departure the less chance to see the dolphins cause the water temperature will become warmer. Not only that but also the boats increments cause the dolphins scare so not much comfortable for both sides. It’s a half day trip

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Jozani Forest Red (colobus monkeys):

It takes 35 minutes for a car drive heading down South/East of the Island. Visiting the rain forest, walk on the mangrove swamp bridge for having a chance to hear lots about the species of the available mangroves, seeing the red colobus monkeys which said “endemic” to be only found on this Island but also the blue sykes monkeys.

It’s all about flora and fauna, the only remaining natural forest on Unguja island where long ago you could find leopards and antelopes. The Red Colobus monkey has been isolated from its mainland counterparts for at least ten to fifteen thousand years, thus producing a distinct sub-species with different calls, eating habits and coat patterns.

Jozani Forest has become the last stronghold in the world for this particular type of colobus, is one of the most endangered and rarest species on this planet. This ones re very friendly, Photographing allowed, can also be viewed at close quarters by the help of your guide. Other interesting features in this forest include the coastal evergreen bushland, saline grassland, red mahogany, etc

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Prison/Tortoises Island and Snorkeling:

It's about 30 minutes crossing over from the Stone town to North west, the Island has an amazing scenario for the photographers, watching the giant/baby tortoises as well as visiting the Prison – building which was planned becoming as a prison but did not work out in ancient time. Includes entree fee, boat, picnic lunch, snorkeling gears (in case clients like to snorkel) A half day.

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Spice tour:

I prefer the Government spice farm; drop off for a walk from plot to plots which grown/planted spices, fruits and some veggies. (Dig, pick, taste and smelling some roots, leaves, fruits and barks of different spices) then guessing exactly what you see, sense and experience.

Drinking of tea follows such as masala, lemon grass and vanilla all this go with sweet Zanzibar peanut brittles. Watching a coconut climber is an ingredient of a tour (Drink some young coconuts n tasting all seasonal fruits).Sitting on a mat at the village at the end for lunch.

Mbeya spiced rice, served with turmeric-coconut sauce, beef marinated/tenderized with ginger and English spinach cooked in coconut. “Self service”. The categories of fruits served after delicious meal. I also tip The Former Slave market site for the group plus the Central fresh market. Duration 3hrs

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City/Stone town tour:

  • This introductory guided tour of Zanzibar, provides living evidence of a rich cultural heritage, where Arab, Indian, Persian and European influences blended with local African tradition.

  • Historic buildings with elaborately carved wooden doors shaded by balconies, loggias and verandas line the narrow winding alleys. Visit to The Central Fresh Market, Former Slave Market(Dungeons, Sculptures and the Church) Old German Consulate.

  • The Africa House (former English Gentlemen Club), Tip-Tip House, Old British Consulate, Orphanage Home, Old Fort, Forodhani Garden. The House of Wonders, Sultan Palace (Museum),Custom House, Old Dispensary, Old Harbor, etc. Takes 2hrs
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Zanzibar Holiday Packages Costs

How much it cost for a Zanzibar Holiday Packages? Here are the truths about Zanzibar Holiday Packages Costs.

First and foremost, do not select your Travel Agency/Tour Operator based on price alone. Price should be only one factor of your overall decision. Remarkable adventure is not a thing to shop for a cheap "deal", nor is it a thing to overpay needlessly. What you are looking for is high quality and remarkable service at a reasonable price.

Many people look for a cheap Zanzibar Holiday Packages . However, “Sometimes low cost means not good”

But it is not good to assume high priced operators are better simply because they charge more. Ask yourself some important questions and get the answers.

  • Who knows the Zanzibar Island better? An international company operating across the world including Zanzibar tours, Kilimanjaro climbs, safaris, Mediterranean cruises, European wine tasting tours, tropical getaways, bike rides through country sides, scuba diving trips, cultural city tours, etc or a local destination management company in the same country?

  • Do you want a game drive/tour with a foreign guide who was flown in for a couple trips per year, or a local guide who has encountered and handled various situations, with hundreds of clients, during his many years of service?

  • Who can tell you better about the Zanzibar Island, the wildlife, the fauna, and the culture of the place?

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