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Kiliedu Travel & Tours | Terms and Conditions

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1. Application and Services

1.1. Kiliedu Travel & Tours will undertakes to render to the Tourist a package of services (Tourist Product or Itinerary) in accordance with Request (Order) of the Tourist in written form sent to him by e-mail in exchange for payment established in Kiliedu Travel & Tours Travel plan.

1.2. Kiliedu Travel & Tours shall provide tour arrangements and itinerary management requested by the client so that the client receives tour services including transport/accommodations (tour services) provided by transportation/accommodation operators during the tour itinerary set by Kiliedu Travel & Tours.

1.3. When applying for group tour arrangements (more than 2 people), the tour application including conclusion and cancellation of the application shall be exchanged between Kiliedu Travel & Tours and the group representative.

1.4. In case the group representative does not accompany the group, Kiliedu Travel & Tours shall consider one of the members who have been selected by the representative as the group representative who is responsible for the application after tour starting day.

2. Special Consideration of the client

1.1. The client shall notify Kiliedu Travel & Tours when submitting application if requiring special consideration during the tour period, Kiliedu Travel & Tours shall comply with such requests when feasible.

1.2. Clients who require special attention from Kiliedu Travel & Tours during the tour for reason of chronic disease, general ill-health, pregnancy or physical handicap, shall advise Kiliedu Travel & Tours of this when applying for the tour. Kiliedu Travel & Tours shall comply with such requests to the extent deemed feasible and reasonable. And if Kiliedu Travel & Tours take a special arrangement in compliance with the client’s request, the client shall be responsible for incurred expenses related with the request. Kiliedu Travel & Tours may require clients to present a medical certificate. Kiliedu Travel & Tours may refuse a client’s application if conditions at travel destinations and facilities are such that safe, smooth tour operation cannot be guaranteed, or require the client to be accompanied by an escort. In some cases, Kiliedu Travel & Tours shall change a part of the itinerary or recommend the client to join another tour. Notification concerning acceptance or rejection of a special client participation in the tour shall be made by Kiliedu Travel & Tours within one week after the application is submitted.

1.3. If Kiliedu Travel & Tours determines that the client needs medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician owing to illness, functional disease or other reasons during the tour, Kiliedu Travel & Tours shall take measures necessary to ensure smooth operation of the tour. All costs resulting from such measures shall be borne by the client

1.4. A client under 20 years of age traveling alone during the tour period shall provide Kiliedu Travel & Tours with written consent of his/her guardian. Clients under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

1.5. Kiliedu Travel & Tours may refuse an application if any one of the client’s age or other conditions does not conform to those designated for tours aimed at specific customer categories or purposes.

3. Prices

All prices are in US dollars (US$) per person. Prices are based on costs at the time of publication. In creating your desired tour and itinerary, we may use independent suppliers. We reserve the right to change published prices at any time before booking is confirmed. In case the price increases unexpectedly for more than 5% (for entry fees, accommodation, fuel, etc.), we reserve the right to adjust the rates. Kiliedu Travel & Tours is under no obligation to give breakdown costs involved in any tour packages.

3.1 Rates include

  • All taxes/VAT
  • Park fees
  • Accommodation as mentioned in final itinerary
  • 1 - 3 meals a day as described in final itinerary
  • Bottled water during game drives
  • Transportation as mentioned in the tour description, 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser with pop-up roof for game driving days and Toyota minivan for airport transfers
  • All activities as mentioned in the tour description
  • A professional driver/guide

3.2 Rates exclude

  • International flights
  • Airport transfer
  • Tips
  • Visa fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks
  • Cigarettes
  • Other personal items
  • Laundry
  • Vaccination

3.3. Payment method

As always we ask our clients for a 50% deposit to confirm their reservation. Once payment has been processed, we ask for payment confirmation with us via email. You can pay through bank wire transfer or Online Payoneer MasterCard The other 50% we ask to receive in USD cash on the start date or bank wired at least 3 weeks before start date.

3.4. Cancellation fees

61 days+ prior to the start date: 0% of the total cost, full refund
31 – 60 days prior to the start date: 50% of the total cost
21 – 30 days prior to the start date: 70% of the total cost
8 – 20 days prior to the start date: 80% of the total cost
1– 7 days prior to the start date: 100% of the total cost, no refund

No refunds are given for lost travel time or substitution of facilities and/or accommodations, itineraries amended after departure as a result of client's inconveniences or delay. Refunds will not be made for unused sightseeing trips, game drives or meals etc.

3.5. Alteration

We reserve the right to alter any arrangements or cancel a scheduled operation should it be obligatory in case of poor road conditions, weather conditions, security matters, border closures or any other reason beyond our control. The local conditions in Africa are not always predictable and from time to time delays and diversions from the planned route can happen. We will do our best to please you and minimize inconveniences but cannot be responsible for matters clearly beyond our control.

4. Confidentiality

Kiliedu Travel & Tours will not disclose to third parties client information without the consent of the client.

The confidentiality provisions of this Agreement will not apply to and will exclude information generally available to the public, or disclosed to a third party by the own client without restriction, information rightfully obtained from other sources, information independently developed by the client or information previously known to a client.

Kiliedu Travel & Tours Privacy Policy

5. Liability

5.1 Kiliedu Travel & Tours its agents and sub-contractors act only as the passenger's agents in matters relating the tours, itineraries, hotel accommodation, transportation etc., and shall not in any way be liable for injury, death, illness, delays, subsequent missing of ship, air or train connection, inconveniences arising from unannounced alteration of ship, air or train schedules, weather conditions, loss or damage to personal property whether resulting from but not limited to force majeure or acts of God, civil unrest or revolt, acts of war, strikes or other labor activities, animals, any criminal or terrorist activities.

5.2 Kiliedu Travel & Tours shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any luggage or equipment carried while on tour.

5.3 All participants are advised to take out an insurance policy to cover personal accidents, medical expenses and loss of your baggage.

5.4 It is client’ responsibility to ensure that they have current, valid and comprehensive travel medical insurance to cover themselves and any dependents or companions travelling with them.

5.5 It is most recommended that all travelers arrange their personal travel insurance to cover medical, property and other personal risks for the duration of their holiday and safari.

5.6 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their passport, visa, health certificates, inoculations, or other documentation required for the trip are obtained, valid and that are all in order.

5.7 In case of vehicle/equipment damage or other failures occur during the safari Kiliedu Travel & Tours repairs or replaces the vehicle/equipment in reasonable time. There will be no refund given from the price.

5.8 The customer is responsible for organizing transportation if not included in the price quoted for the booked program. The customer is responsible for arriving at the specified time and place in good time.

5.9 Kiliedu Travel & Tours must be advised in writing of any special requests, such as dietary needs food or other allergies when you submit your reservation. This will ensure that our arrangements are to your satisfaction as described before.

5.10 Kiliedu Travel & Tours will attempt to meet any such requests, whenever possible but cannot guarantee them. Certain special requests may require procurement costs, which will be charged to your account. Any such charges will be communicated to you at the earliest opportunity.

5.11 However Kiliedu Travel & Tours shall make efforts to ensure the client’s safe and smooth traveling all the adventure.

6. Requests

Requests for other than English speaking guides, such as Chinese, German, French, Spanish or any other must be made with notice before booking. Such requests may require an additional cost.

7. Kiliedu Travel & Tours reserves

Kiliedu Travel & Tours reserves the right to decline and to accept anyone on a safari. The company reserves the right to remove from the safari, at his or her sole expense, anyone whose condition is such that he or she could create a hazard to himself or others, or otherwise impact the enjoyment of other passengers on the safari.

8. Kiliedu Travel & Tours may take photographs

Kiliedu Travel & Tours may take photographs or film of its trips and trip participants. Kiliedu Travel & Tours express permission to do so and for Kiliedu Travel & Tours to use such for promotional or commercial use without payment of any compensation.

9. Kiliedu Travel & Tours reserves the right

Kiliedu Travel & Tours reserves the right to employ independent suppliers or sub-contractors for all or part of the arranged services.

10. Our safaris and/or mountain climbs

Our safaris and/or mountain climbs involve traveling in some of the more remote areas of East Africa where wild animals such as elephant, buffalo, hippo, lion, leopard, hyena, crocodile and other reptiles roam. Many services common in your home area (such as communications; telephones; medical assistance; evacuation in the face of danger, illness or injury; ground, water or air transport etc.) may be unavailable or provided at a lower standard than that available to you in your home country. The standard of roads, for example, can be such that travel is impossible during or after heavy rain or floods. In many areas it is not possible for an aircraft to land at an airstrip at night, even in a medical emergency.

11. When it comes to wildlife viewing

When it comes to wildlife viewing, please be advised there are no guarantees nor does Kiliedu Travel & Tours guarantee the viewing of 100% of all the animal and bird species found in Tanzania.

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